We are happy to announce that Keep6 Imports will now provide Ontario consumers a new beer buying experience - an online beer shop.  This will allow the  opportunity to access beers that are not regularly available through LCBO retail outlets and the Beer Store. The starting lineup will include offerings from Dieu Du Ciel! (Montreal, Quebec), Le Trou du Diable (Shawinigan, Quebec), Les Trois Mosquestaires (Brossard, Quebec), and Stillwater Artisanal (Brooklyn, NY). In the upcoming months, our goal is to offer beers from all breweries in our portfolio and release seasonal and/or specialty brews exclusively through this online shop. For a full product listings of available beers visit

Our products can also be found at bars and restaurants here. Please join our mailing list for product updates, new releases and announcements. 

Keep6 Imports is an independent beer import agency based in Toronto. We represent a handful of small breweries from Canada and abroad within the province of Ontario. Our focus is on unique breweries that are distinctive with a sense of regionality, tradition and innovation.